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(Includes news and press from Global Viral, as the LRC was previously known)

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Oct 28, 2019

GV/LRC launches SymBioNet, a worldwide collaboration of researchers interested in studying symbiotic and mutually dependent systems in biology. Read more about it here.

DARPA Competition

Oct 15, 2019

LRC Team invited to the second round of DARPA competition for complexity projects (proposed using DARPA's Polyplexus platform)! Fingers crossed!


Team Update

Oct 01, 2019

LRC is expanding its team. Welcome, Khai and Davi! Khai will drive our projects in chemistry and computational biology, and Davi comes on as our first International Fellow!

Global Viral

LRC launch

 Sep 25, 2019

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Laboratory for Research in Complex Systems!!

Visit the LRC website for more details.


September 25, 2019 ​

(Launch Announcement)

GV's breathless summer

Sep 2019, San Francisco:

We have probably had our busiest summer ever at GV! We submitted 2 grants and are about to submit a third! Tomas first paper is in production, and Jessica's work got mentioned in Quanta, Jean-Marie won a flash talk award at the Bay Area Biosciences meeting, we have new collaborators, we are recruiting, and much more.....! Watch out for plenty of new updates in the coming weeks and months!

Dr. Matthew Koehler advances to GV Fellow

May 2019, San Francisco

Matthew Koehler, postdoctoral researcher jointly with GV and NASA/JPL (co-supervised by Dr. Ken Williford)  was promoted to GV Fellow in recognition of his scientific merit and for advancing GV's science in Biogeochemistry and evolution of metabolic pathways. The fellowship position, which is aimed at preparing promising candidates for careers as professional scientists, will allow Dr. Koehler to explore grants, supervise students and build independent research collaborations. Heartiest congrats to Dr. Koehler, we wish him the best! You can meet him at AbSciCon 2019, where he is convening a session on "Preparing for Laboratory Analysis of Diverse Biosignatures in Returned Mars Samples."

Boundaries of Life project awarded Moore Foundation grant

March 2019, San Francisco

The Boundaries of Life (BoL) Research Initiative, a multi-year, multi-institutional collaborative project jointly undertaken by Global Viral, Stanford, Caltech, The Joint Genome Institute (JGI) and NASA/JPL, was awarded a large grant by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to continue work on assessing the bounds and parameters of life on earth, and on identification and characterization of new microbial forms. The grant will help support project work till mid-2021, providing researchers and students with new opportunities to examine normal and extreme environments for novel forms of life. 

Artboard 6.jpg

GV announces partnership with HELM System Solutions

Nov 2018, San Francisco

Global Viral will partner with HELM System Solutions, an Arlington VA based provider of solutions to help clients gain access to Federal and commercial markets. The partnership will bring the latest scientific advances at the nexus of information, complexity and synthetic biology to the Federal government. HELM System Solutions is a boutique firm that enhances U.S. competitiveness and strength through technology development and transition across Federal and commercial markets. HELM applies creativity, business savvy, technical depth and systems thinking to assist clients in developing solutions to long standing challenges in the life, physical, and social sciences.

Dr. Anne Hillegas


HELM System Solutions

Artboard 6.jpg

"As Global Viral's COO I am excited to be partnering with HELM System Solutions. Anne Hillegas and her team bring a unique blend of technical expertise and creative thinking to assist Global Viral's strategic growth. With HELMS support, Global Viral will enhance and leverage our research programs and offerings to improve our competitiveness in the Governmental Funding space. Global Viral looks forward to building relationships with these new partners and collaborators."

 - Samantha Lekus, COO, Global Viral

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