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We embrace complexity at the LRC

Complex Systems are at the heart of reality.

We develop rigorous quantitative models to better understand inputs, outputs, components and their relationships within complex systems. 

The knowledge we gain from one system can be applied to another, allowing us to develop innovative, high-value solutions aimed at solving long-standing problems in a wide range of fields.



What a way to start 2024!

Its official! Heartiest Congrats to Jean-Marie Volland for starting his own group as Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara! We are beyond proud of his achievements!

Heartiest congratulations to Prof. Jose Jaramillo-Villegas and the entire team for establishing (in Q2), running and already producing superb results from LRC's High Performance Computing Research Center! You guys rock!!!

We welcome Subramanian "Subbu" Iyer (Goldman Sachs, Target), Vibhav Garg (Twitter, Meta), Alex Adai (Roche/Genentech, Sana) & Tom Luechtefeld (CEO of as our senior leadership, and Hernan, Dan, Carlos & Frederick as our new AI/ML & computational chemistry warriors.

With the new team, the LRC is creating strong senior research leadership that has both industry experience from diverse areas, as well as the quantitative expertise and enthusiasm needed to solve truly difficult and impactful problems in science. Go LRC!


The LRC is proud to co-sponsor the first GRC on Collective Behavior (August 13-18, 2023). This five day event has a program brimming with a diverse range of speakers from institutions and organizations worldwide.

Click here to visit the GRC website for more information! Applications for this meeting must be submitted by July 16, 2023.

Runner up!

Our work on Thiomargarita was a runner-up for breakthrough technology of the 2022 year by Science Magazine! Woohoo!!



A molecule against the SARS-Cov-2 virus developed using our automated CADDE platform; development of advanced visualization techniques combined with fluid-dynamics; and our entire portfolio of infectious disease work, supported by millions of dollars in funding from organizations like the USAID, represent the continued success of our organization and our scientists!


In our second edition of the LRC’s team member spotlight, we are excited to feature Dr. José Jaramillo-Villegas. Dr. Jaramillo-Villegas is the LRC’s first Senior Fellow based in Colombia who will help strengthen the organization in the region. José is a 2012 Fullbright Scholar with a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University. Read on to learn more about Dr. Jaramillo-Villegas.  

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Introducing Sample Exchange!

LRC proudly announces the soft launch of Sample Exchange, a free global platform that allows researchers from both academia and industry to share, exchange and license research products that are collected or created in the lab! 

Visit the website to learn more:

A big THANK YOU to our partners!


Our Customers

  • Government

  • Private Industry

  • Organizations/people interested in exploring innovative solutions via research-based, intelligent technologies 


Our Collaborators

  • Universities

  • Other research institutes

  • Foundations 

  • Organizations/people interested in funding/collaborating in high-risk, high-reward research


Our Users

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  • Researchers & students

  • Citizens

  • Investors 

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