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LRC SYSTEMS (or LRC) was founded by Shailesh Date and launched on Sep 25, 2019. We're part incubator, part research institute, and part non-profit, conceptualized to bring the power of rigorous quantitative thinking to solve problems in scientific, commercial and social spheres. 

We asked some of our employees how they would define the LRC. What better way to describe the organization than in their own words. It makes us proud!
  • We focus on solving tough questions facing science and society​

  • We have very unique ideas and solutions​

  • We are laser-focused on our work. We use money for science, not to build buildings (like universities do). In some instances, we may have the same bang for buck with 1/10 resources as an entire department in a university. ​

  • We do high risk, high reward research​

  • We serve as a coordinating Ideas Hub​

  • We have the ability to pull in high profile collaborators and influencers with the needed expertise to answer Big Questions in a variety of complex scientific areas.​

  • We have deep expertise in coordinating multiple collaborators and stakeholders to provide a multi- disciplinary approach to looking at questions​

  • Low overhead, low bureaucracy makes us less expensive, more nimble; able to be responsive to opportunities as well as investors, funders and collaborators.​

  • We can organically integrate into the emerging trends of intelligent bio- and bio-inspired technologies. While other organizations like (X and Y, we don't want to bash our friends) tend to focus on neuroscience-inspired intelligence, we are more focused on cell-biology-inspired, organically-grown intelligence. That is, we focus on how to build cell-like intelligent systems and how to guide their interactions to generate systems with higher levels of intelligence. This is more in line with recent trends at big institutions like the Wyss Institute at Harvard. However, as we are currently a smaller organization, we are likely in a more flexible stage.



Our funding comes from various sources, including through research grants from government agencies, private philanthropies and foundations,  as well as through charitable gifts, sub-contracts and partnerships.


Physical Location

The LRC maintains offices in Burlingame, CA. Some LRC employees maintain offices at the Joint Genome Institute (JGI, Walnut Creek, CA), the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL, Pasadena, CA) and San Francisco State University (SFSU, San Francisco, CA)


501(c)(3) Status

Global Viral (GV), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit does business as ("DBA") the Laboratory for Research in Complex Systems. Both names represent the same non-profit, and either can be used for business purposes. Information about the Chief Executive Officer, the Board of Directors and Advisors can be found on the 'Team' page under the 'About' menu.

Our 990 is available here.

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