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The Laboratory for Research in Complex Systems develops powerful research-based solutions that drive scientific, commercial and social breakthroughs. Led by a team of trailblazers from industry and academia, LRC uniquely combines advances in natural and quantitative sciences with cutting-edge technology to help solve fundamental health, economic and social problems for public and private organizations. LRC serves as an ideas hub for high-level transdisciplinary research that is bigger, faster and more impactful, to propel innovations that can change the world.

What's happening at the LRC...

+ March, 2020


The LRC would like to wish our staff, clients and supporters the best during these trying times. Stay safe and healthy, maintain distances socially, and more importantly, take this time to connect with friends and family. We will get through this together. Kudos to the LRC staff for doing their best to keep up both their spirits and adjusting to remote work. Much appreciated!  

+ Jan 30, 2020

LRC Fellow Matt Koehler wins a Innovative Spontaneous Concept Proposal grant award at JPL for work on heat tolerant bacterial spores! Way to go Matt! Congrats!

+ Jan 15, 2020

The LRC wishes a happy new year to all! As always, things are the LRC are moving at a 100 miles/hr: we submitted a few grant proposals before the year ended, and are preparing to submit some more. We have new board members (press release coming) and we are preparing our roadmap for 2020 and the future!

+ Oct 28, 2019

GV/LRC launches SymBioNet, a world-wide collaboration of researchers interested in studying symbiotic and mutually dependent systems in biology. More >


+ Oct 15, 2019

LRC Team invited to second round of DARPA competition for complexity projects (proposed using DARPA's Polyplexus platform)! Fingers crossed! 

+ Oct 1, 2019

LRC is expanding its team. Welcome Khai and Davi! Khai will drive our projects in chemistry and computational biology, and Davi comes on as our first International Fellow!

Khai Luong, Ph.D.

Davi Ortega, Ph.D.

+ Sep 25, 2019

LRC is launched! Woohoo! See the launch message here.


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