At LRC SYSTEMS, we develop powerful research-based solutions that drive scientific, commercial and social breakthroughs. Led by a team of trailblazers from industry and academia, LRC uniquely combines advances in natural and quantitative sciences with cutting-edge technology to help solve fundamental health, economic and social problems for public and private organizations. LRC serves as an ideas hub for high-level transdisciplinary research that is bigger, faster and more impactful, to propel innovations that can change the world.

What's new at the LRC

August 25, 2020: LRC is pleased to announce we've been awarded a grant to join 41 other international scientific teams working collaboratively on The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Symbiosis in Aquatic Systems Initiative. The funding will provide the scientific community with new tools and laboratory techniques to develop new model systems and capabilities in the understanding of aquatic symbioses. Symbiosis is a phenomenon where two organisms live in a tight physical association... more >

July 14, 2020: With nearly three million cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., and more than ten million worldwide, the global pandemic has slowed but not stalled. As the healthcare community prepares for the long fight, LRC is releasing insights based on what we’ve learned from the outbreak so far and how the world can prepare for what’s next. “We’re learning something new every day as it relates to COVID-19, but we’re also seeing what works and what is lacking when it comes to to managing emerging health ..." more >

July 14, 2020: In our introductory blog post written by CEO Shailesh Date, we share strategies for science-based startups and investors to navigate COVID-19. "The COVID-19 infectious disease, caused by the SARS-Cov2 virus, represents an unprecedented threat to our economy and way of life. Never before has the modern world quite literally stopped in its tracks to avert a global disaster in the making more >

May 20, 2020: Dr. Zack Abbott, co-Founder and CEO of ZBiotics, today joins the LRC Board of Directors. Dr. Abbott brings over 15 years’ experience in biotech and genetic engineering to the table and is the inventor of ZBiotics’s proprietary technology, which focuses on genetically engineering probiotic bacteria to perform specific beneficial functions inside the body. “Zack brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in biotechnology and with him on our team, LRC is in a strong position to advance our position and continue to ..."  more >

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