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November 18, 2021:  We are very excited to announce the addition of two new members to the LRC team: Dr. William Warren, as a member of the Board of Directors, and Dr. Frederik Schulz, as Visiting Scientist. Read on to learn more about Bill and Frederik.  More >

May 3, 2021:  In our second edition of the LRC’s team member spotlight, we are excited to feature Dr. José Jaramillo-Villegas. Dr. Jaramillo-Villegas is the LRC’s first Senior Fellow based in Colombia who will help strengthen the organization the region. José is a 2012 Fullbright Scholar with a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University. Read on to learn more about Jose.  More >


March 17, 2021: LRC proudly announces the soft launch of Sample Exchange, a free global platform that allows researchers from both academia and industry to share, exchange and license research products that are collected or created in the lab! 

Visit the website to learn more:

February 16, 2020:  In our latest Medium blog post, LRC Scientist Jean-Marie Volland details he and his family's RV trip down the California coast to La Jolla to collect samples. Volland, who specializes in microbiology and microscopy, was due to travel with colleagues but given COVID-19 travel restrictions, he made the most of a difficult situation and collected some amazing samples along the way. Visit our page at to read more about his journey.

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January 28, 2021:  Welcome to the first edition of LRC's team member spotlight series. This series of posts will highlight the accomplishments and contributions of the LRC's scientists, fellows and thought leaders who contribute to the groundbreaking and disruptive research endeavors. This month, in our inaugural team member spotlight, we shine the light one of our newest additions, Daniel Ling. Ling, a technology Investor, Applied Math Researcher, and Entrepreneur, joined the LRC just this past fall and has already hit the ground running contributing extensively to thought pieces circulating on the LRC's various social media outlets. Read on to learn more about Daniel and why the LRC is grateful to have this bright mind and thought leader aboard.  More. >


December 4, 2020:  In our second blog post, LRC Applied Mathematics Fellow Daniel Ling shares on Medium how applied math helps answer questions in the natural world from economics to virology to voting and more. Have a read and let us know your thoughts!

November 18, 2020: The LRC is delighted to welcome a new batch of stellar team members to add to an already impressive roster! The future is bright for team LRC with this talented bunch which includes a Fulbright Scholar, a US Presidential Scholar and National Merit Scholar. Bringing different scientific viewpoints to the table is the key to solving many of the wide-ranging problems faced by our clients and society as a whole. From finance, AI, quantum computing and physics, the diverse experiences, dynamic backgrounds and range of accomplishments our new additions share will help support LRC’s high-impact research. More >

October 21, 2020: Our fearless leader Shailesh Date was honored to be a featured guest on PSQH's latest podcast, Episode 14 - Infection Prevention During a Pandemic. Listen as Shailesh and host Jay Kumar discuss how U.S. hospitals have responded to COVID-19, what to expect as we enter flu season, thoughts about a potential vaccine, and the threat of co-infections. Special thanks to Jay Kumar for an engaging discussion on infection prevention, patient safety & quality healthcare amidst the pandemic.

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September 2020:  Our winning proposal, "Modeling the Intersection of Evolution and Physical Processes to Explain the Origin of Biological Complexity" is now live to view on  Have a look and while there check out the other exciting proposals featured among DARPA Polyplexus Winner's Circle. Congrats to fellow winners! 

Pack of Fish

August 25, 2020: LRC is pleased to announce we've been awarded a grant to join 41 other international scientific teams working collaboratively on The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Symbiosis in Aquatic Systems Initiative. The funding will provide the ... more >


July 14, 2020:  With nearly three million cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., and more than ten million worldwide, the global pandemic has slowed but not stalled. As the healthcare community prepares for the long fight, LRC is releasing insights based on what we’ve learned from the outbreak so far and how the world can prepare for what’s next. “We’re learning some-..."  more >


July 14, 2020:  In our introductory blog post written by CEO Shailesh Date, we share strategies for science-based startups and investors to navigate COVID-19. "The COVID-19 infectious disease, caused by the SARS-Cov2 virus, represents an unprecedented threat to our economy and way of life. Never before has the modern world quite literally stopped in its tracks to avert a ... more >

May 20, 2020:  Dr. Zack Abbott, co-Founder and CEO of ZBiotics, today joins the LRC Board of Directors. Dr. Abbott brings over 15 years’ experience in biotech and genetic engineering to the table and is the inventor of ZBiotics’s proprietary technology, which focuses on genetically engineering probiotic bacteria to perform specific beneficial functions inside the body. “Zack brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in biotechnology and with him on our ... more >

Apr 15, 2020:  We are announcing the development of Sample.Exchange, a web-based platform that will allow researchers world-wide to share biological samples for a wide variety of projects, including samples related to the current COVID-19 outbreak. Currently in the prototype stage, Sample.Exchange aggregates specimen information and associated metadata into one  more >


April 15, 2020:  LRC is adding two industry veterans to its board - Don Oppenheim, former Executive Director for several large law firms and previous partner in the national boutique consulting firm Altman Weil; and Neil Cohen, leader of Corporate Growth for Dynamis... more >


Apr 14, 2020:  We are excited to announce that LRC has won DARPA’s prestigious US-wide grant competition. The grant funds emerging technologies through their polyplexus program. This award will provide our team with crucial seed-funding to support our study of the development of complexity in biological systems and to enable our work to develop ... more >

COVID-19 Pandemic

March, 2020:  The LRC would like to wish our staff, clients and supporters the best during these trying times. Stay safe and healthy, maintain distances socially, and more importantly, take this time to connect with friends and family. We will get through this together. Kudos to the LRC staff for doing their best to keep up both their spirits and adjusting to remote work. Much appreciated!


Team Update

Jan 15, 2020:  The LRC wishes a happy new year to all! As always, things are the LRC are moving at a 100 miles/hr: we submitted a few grant proposals before the year ended, and are preparing to submit some more. We have new board members (press release coming) and we are preparing our roadmap for 2020 and the future!


Oct 28, 2019:  GV/LRC launches SymBioNet, a worldwide collaboration of researchers interested in studying symbiotic and mutually dependent systems in biology. Read more about it here.

DARPA Polyplexus Grant Competition

Oct 15, 2019:  LRC Team invited to the second round of DARPA competition for complexity projects (proposed using DARPA's Polyplexus platform)! Fingers crossed!


Team Update

Oct 01, 2019:  LRC is expanding its team. Welcome, Khai and Davi! Khai will drive our projects in chemistry and computational biology, and Davi comes on as our first International Fellow!


LRC is Launched!

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