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I welcome you to LRC.SYSTEMS (or LRC, as we like to call it). I like to think of the LRC as part incubator, part research institute, and part non-profit, conceptualized to bring the power of rigorous quantitative thinking to solve problems in scientific, commercial and social spheres. Researchers at the LRC will undertake high-risk, high-reward work that has the capacity to produce disruptive change.

Our current, funded projects touch areas of Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity. Over the next two years, we expect to expand our work in Public Health, Urbanization & Climate Change, Quantum-AI & Cognition, Deep Knowledge Catalogs, and Information Theory. The study of climate change and its effects will remain a strong and continued area of focus.  

I invite you to join us on this exciting journey. As we launch the LRC on September 25, 2019 and reach for the sky, we would like to acknowledge the tremendous legacy of Nathan Wolfe, founder and former head of Global Viral, who is leaving us with an intellectual and a resource-rich legacy. I would personally like to dedicate the opening of the LRC to my mother and my aunt, sisters who built very successful careers in the face of tremendous personal and professional adversity. That they persisted is an understatement. Their way of thinking and handling challenges is what drives me and my work today.   

Please join us in this exciting endeavor. Visit our projects page to learn more about what we do, and keep us on your radar as we undertake some impactful projects!

Best Wishes,

Shailesh Date


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