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Biotech Innovator Dr. Zack Abbott added to LRC Board of Directors

May 20, 2020

Biotech Innovator Dr. Zack Abbott added to LRC Board of Directors

May 20, 2020

Biotech Innovator Dr. Zack Abbott added to LRC Board of Directors

May 20, 2020

Team News
January 28, 2021


Welcome to the LRC Team Member Spotlight Series, where each month we'll highlight the accomplishments and contributions of the various scientists, fellows and thought leaders who contribute to the LRC’s groundbreaking and disruptive research.

This month, in our inaugural spotlight post, we shine the light on one of our newest additions, Daniel Ling. As a technology investor, applied math researcher, and entrepreneur, Ling joined the LRC just this past fall and has already hit the ground running contributing extensively to thought pieces circulating on the LRC's various social media outlets. Read on to learn more about Daniel and why the LRC is grateful to have this bright mind and thought leader aboard.

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LRC Team Member Spotlight  |  January 28, 2021

Daniel Ling
Applied Mathematics Fellow, LRC Systems
“Daniel is an industry thought leader in technology and his insights are invaluable for tech founders, along with his dedication to helping and scaling early-stage companies as they navigate growth in an evolving world. Daniel’s research and company-building experience will be hugely valuable as the LRC pursues cutting-edge research in complex systems and builds ventures aimed at helping the world on a grand scale.” 

As an advanced research institute, early-stage technology and frontier tech incubator, the LRC relies heavily on the contributions of our our scientists and researchers to keep us on the cutting edge of innovation. Daniel Ling, an Applied Mathematics Fellow with the LRC, is a technology investor, applied math researcher, and entrepreneur.  Daniel joined the LRC late Fall of 2020 and focuses on both complex systems research and company-building, with respect to moonshot technologies in general and also for pandemic response specifically as well as AI, game theory, climate change, and quantum computing. 


Ling is a U.S. Presidential Scholar, National Merit Scholar, and graduated with distinction from Princeton University where he studied economics and mathematics.













As a technology investor, Daniel has evaluated, invested in, and scaled companies in the software, AI, and internet sectors.  Having seen and worked with countless software companies throughout his tech investing career, he has developed deep expertise in a variety of sectors within technology. He continues to serve as an investor and advisor to a multitude of early-stage technology companies. Also an accomplished researcher, Daniel has conducted and published award-winning applied math research in economics/game theory, physics, structural biology, and other areas. For his applied math research, he has received recognition at both the national and international level.



Daniel also launched the Absolute Value podcast, which provides insights into the technology landscape and emerging trends in the space, along with the frontiers of science and innovation. In its first season, the podcast has already garnered an international audience with a listenership that spans 15 countries and 4 continents.

In Daniel's own words, he shares: "I'm excited to contribute to building moonshot technologies to address some of the large-scale challenges that our society faces, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as tackle some of the big research questions of our time. The opportunity to build ventures at the frontiers of technology and contribute to solving some of the world's hardest problems and addressing some of humanity's most pressing issues, through research and company-building, is incredibly exciting. I couldn't turn down the fellowship and the opportunity to work at the intersection of research and technological innovation, at the first phase where the breakthroughs in the lab convert to the nascent stages of new technologies. It's thrilling to be building at the research-to-venture stage, encompassing the earliest moments in a company's life cycle when the idea is first generated and where the frontier of technology is pushed.” Daniel continued, “Seeing the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic motivated me to take an active role in combating this crisis that is affecting the lives of so many people and impacting society on such a grand scale. I did not want to just let this pandemic run its course and take a passive stance to the current public health crisis. I wanted to do something and help fight the ongoing pandemic that is devastating our world, which brought me to Dr. Date and the Laboratory for Research in Complex Systems.” He added, “Time is of the essence to engage in pandemic research and aid organizations around the world in the fight to control the spread of infectious disease. I'm thrilled to be able to contribute to COVID-19 response efforts, incubate moonshot technologies, and work on innovations that can better the world we live in and hopefully improve the lives of millions if not billions of people.”

We look forward to great things with Daniel Ling on our team!

Shailesh Date, Ph.D., CEO, LRC Systems

“Daniel is an outstanding member of the venture community and has a knack for building early-stage technology. I’m confident he will build ventures and frontier technology that can drastically improve our world and help address many of the large-scale challenges that society faces today.” 

Christopher Payne, Computer Vision Engineering at Tesla

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