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May 20, 2020


Biotech Innovator Dr. Zack Abbott added to

LRC Board of Directors

Genetic Engineering Pioneer Joins Rising Star in Bio Research



San Francisco, CA – Today, LRC Systems, the developer of powerful research-based solutions that drive scientific, commercial and social breakthroughs, is announcing that Dr. Zack Abbott, co-Founder and CEO of ZBiotics, is joining its Board of Directors. Dr. Abbott brings over 15 years’ experience in biotech and genetic engineering to the table and is the inventor of ZBiotics’s proprietary technology, which focuses on genetically engineering probiotic bacteria to perform specific beneficial functions inside the body. 


“Zack brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in biotechnology, and with him on our team, LRC is in a strong position to advance our mission and continue to scale and innovate,” said Dr. Shailesh Date, Founder and CEO of LRC Systems. “He is a brilliant scientist, an astute entrepreneur and we are lucky to have him on our team as we capitalize on our current growth trajectory.”

The announcement follows LRC Systems’s launch of Sample.Exchange, a web-based platform that will allow researchers world-wide to share biological samples for a wide variety of projects, including samples related to the current COVID-19 outbreak. Additionally, the company recently won an eminent US-wide competition and received a grant award from the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which funds emerging technologies, through their polyplexus program. 

“LRC is at the forefront of driving discoveries for health, economic and social problems facing our world today,” said Dr. Abbott. “Now is an especially exciting time to be joining their team as they’re gaining exceptionally strong momentum with breakthroughs and prestigious funding. I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and help maximize our efforts.”

Dr. Abbott’s experience, both as an accomplished scientist and successful entrepreneur, will allow him to contribute to LRC’s progress in sizable ways.  Prior to starting ZBiotics, he worked in clinical trial design as well as researching HIV vaccines and pursuing novel antibiotics in both academia and industry. He will join LRC Systems’s impressive team to foster the next phase of growth as the company commericalizes its novel approach that drives scientific breakthroughs. Dr. Abbott holds a PhD in microbiology & immunology from the University of Michigan, where his research focused on untangling complex and elegant webs of bacterial gene regulation. 

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About LRC Systems

Laboratory for Research in Complex Systems (LRC) develops powerful research-based solutions that drive scientific, commercial and social breakthroughs. Led by a team of trailblazers from industry and academia, LRC uniquely combines advances in natural and quantitative sciences with cutting-edge technology to help solve fundamental health, economic and social problems for public and private organizations. LRC serves as an ideas hub for high-level transdisciplinary research that is bigger, faster and more impactful, to propel innovations that can change the world.

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