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Subramanian Iyer, Ph.D.


Laboratory for Research in Complex Systems


  • Harvard (Exec. Ed., General Management)

  • The University of Texas at Austin (Ph.D, Computer Sciences in Formal Methods)

  • Indian Instituete of Technology Bombay (BA, Computer Science & Engineering)

What's your background?

Subramanian Iyer is Senior Director of Data Sciences at Target and leads AI teams for forecasting in Supply Chain and Merchandizing modernization in areas like Inventory Planning; digital placement and allocation; financial and budget planning; price optimization and so on. He has previously been Head of Analytics at First Republic Bank, where he led multiple efforts on quantitative analytics, AI modeling, data warehousing, web development for analytical applications and efficient data representation for analytical datasets. Prior to that he was VP of Investment Banking Strategies at Goldman Sachs where he worked on derivatives pricing and structuring in the Americas Financing Group, with a special focus on financial institutions. Prior to that he was in technical roles at Google, Synopsys and Fujitsu and holds several patents.

What's your role at LRC?

What I will be working at the LRC is yet to be decided. Likely something at the intersection of AI and life sciences or AI and finance.

What trend, breakthrough or discovery are you most excited about?

As for research interests, I have 20+ refereed papers and several patents from the early 2000s. Since then I have been in the corporate world working in technology, banking and retail. My current interests are in building large scale AI systems in retail.

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